Thursday, 23 January 2014

Here you can see the testimonies of some of the young people (Pretty Mosal / Sibry Mafulele / Matshidisowho participated in the project, where they explain what it has meant for them to be part of HUMANA YOUTH IN ACTION.

Pretty Mosal, Dancer

My name is Pretty Mosal, I am 17 years old and stay in Munsiville. I am still young, but I see myself as a role model in dancing Sbhujwa. I first discovered my talent while dancing hip-pop at the age of 8 years old. To me, dancing is my career and it works hand in hand with education. Before, I used to stay out on the streets or do nothing, but then we formed our dance group called Rocky Boys. Whenever we performed, people use to say: “You boys are rocking!” So that is where our group’s name comes from.

We joined Humana Youth in Action in 2013 and it gave us an opportunity to improve our performing talent and helped us make our dream come true. Because of Humana, we are now famous! Since we are performing in a bigger group we would like to perform overseas one day.

The Humana Youth in Action arts and culture program has helped youth to be active, be focused and passionate about their talents. Because we are sticking to our rules and dancing, a lot of youth are committed and have less time for smoking, doing drugs or alcohol abuse.

We are constantly improving and have even won a trophy and certificate. I have benefited a lot from this program because I am now able to compete without fear. I wish we have known Humana Youth in Action earlier. We wish to learn and gain a lot more from Humana but we are grateful for what we got.

Sibry Mafulele, Coordinator in Munsiville
Sibry Mafulele is a coordinator in Munsiville. He is well known in his area because of the work he is doing. Sibry teaches the youth about the business aspects of arts and culture as well as how to do fundraising. Before joining Youth in Action as a coordinator, he was already familiar with the program’s work because he used to assist with engaging youth, liaised with stakeholders working in arts and culture to help the program, while also joining arts practicing sessions where he shared his knowledge with the youth. Subsequently, Sibry easily adapted when he joined Humana Youth in Action in June 2013.

Sibry coordinates 6 clubs with 86 members. Each club teaches different skills; for example visual art where the club members design logos and posters, brass band and music, theatre for drama and acting, dance and gospel singers. He is proud of the fact that his clubs are registered in Pretoria and that members are learning about business planning and fundraising that will benefit them and make their futures better.

He works hand in hand with Department of Health and makes sure that when someone is sick, he refers that person for treatment, helps youth to get grants through Department of Social Development and sources funds and assistance from Munsiville Tourism for buying what is needed for performances or in the clubs.

A challenge Sibry is faced with is the long distances he need to travel to reach the clubs which are scattered far apart. Regardless, he counters this issue by making sure to visit at least half of the clubs each week and instructed that club leaders must report back regularly and keep him updated.

He feels that youth are being empowered through the program because they can now grow and showcase their talents in arts and culture. The program has also taught youth how to fundraise, help sustain their activities and become leaders in their communities. 

Matshidiso, Club Member

 My name is Matshidiso, I am young and beautiful and a club member in Simunye. I started dancing at the age of 8. My club leader is Mamorea and our Coordinator is Tebogo. When we started we gave him headaches! That was until he sat down with us and explained that you can’t do things today and expect to be a superstar tomorrow - things have to happen one step at a time. He told us that we can only get there if we work together as a team and stop arguing and fighting with each other.

All of us came from different families so there were some who did not even respect others. They would go and smoke or drink in the corner and kept doing bad things. But Tebogo was very patient; he gave guidance and believed in us that we can do it.

When Humana People to People came, our lives changed. They bought us attire, helped us perform at bigger events and meet famous artists. We are now computer literate and use our rehearsal centre to do our school homework.

We receive a lot of inspiration from Eddie, the Project Leader, who supports us a lot like a father. Whenever we have challenges, he will come and solve them and make everyone happy again even if we were angry. In the Humana Youth in Action program we learned to work as a team, be good listeners and work on reaching our dream.

We are now dancers for life. We left our old lives behind and are moving forward with a new life, whether with money or without it. We will continue with our themes, build each other and fundraise together as a Simunye team. We love Humana Youth in Action and wish that the program does not end. We love the program; it changed the lives of many youths in the area.

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